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The never ending drawing project is a platform that follows the process of creating an object and that object entering the marketplace. A reflection on desire, patience, pleasure and regret.

The seven digitally created drawing parts to your left are used to create this series.

Creating The Image

The digital drawing parts will be re-positioned on a 1427 x 1427 pixel sized,mutl-layered Tiff at a 300 DPI resolution, at actual screen size in Photoshop. Some digital parts will remain stationary, while others will move up, down, right, left or any combination of, using a pixel as the unit of measurement. As these parts are re-positioned, a record of the movements using pixels is available from the Drawing Scripts. Drawing Scripts are available for each body of fifty two. The only alteration allowed will be the length of the line. No two drawings will be alike. The medium is burnished black ink on a digital archival ink drawing on a 100% cotton fiber paper. The final size of the completed drawings is 9 x 9 in. /  22.86 x 22.86 cm. each.


One signed hand inked unique digital drawing will be auctioned weekly. Each ebay auction will begin at approximately 10:00 pm eastern standard time Sunday evening during any given week and will continue for approximately 7 days.

Auction Results

In the event that a drawing does not sell, the drawing will be returned to the artist's inventory and will not be auctioned again in this format.

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